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If you have had a website evaluation carried out by us on your site you will have received a report detailing the on-page and off-page tasks required to SEO your site. This report will also contain a number of recommendations related to the marketing online of your business.

The next step is to implement the recommendations highlighted in the report and this can either be carried out by yourself in conjunction with your webmaster. Or, if you are busy concentrating on your core business, you may not have time to address these issues and we can provide this service for you.

The costs involved are dependent on the results of the report – some sites may be quite small, or in a niche area without a great deal of existing competition, or perhaps are reasonably well optimised already. Others may require more work. It is important to bear in mind that while the changes will be quantifiable (through the use of Google Analytics, for example), the results are not immediate. How long it will take to see results is hard to guage, but aim for a 3-month turnaround to see all benefits. For those customers who require an immediate online visibility?thenPPC advertising is the solution for you.

Sample costs

Here is a sample costing to give you an idea. This is based on us having already done the premliminary work in producing a Website Evaluation Report.

1. Initial meeting:

to agree scope and deliverables (we are based in Dun Laoghaire, so this can be by phone where required, allow for 45mins)

determine competitors

agree keywords

2. Baseline metrics report:

current SERP placement

current SEO ranking

Google Analytics report

2. Competitor analysis

keyword research (up to 3 competitors)

in-bound links research (up to 3 competitors)

3. On-page optimisation:

meta-data for (up to 8 pages)

content tweaks for keywords (up to 8 pages)

4. Sitemaps:

sitemap created for visitors

XML sitemap created & submitted to Google

5. Search engine submission:




5. In-link creation:

submit to free directories (up to 10)

submit to Dmoz Directory

submit to paid directories (where requested by client)

indicate blog sites to interact with and comment on (content to be created by client)

indicate article sites to submit an article to (where article content provided by client)

Cost:   €475 (plus VAT)

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