Website Evaluation

If you currently have a website promoting your products or services and feel it is not reaching your target market and is thus not providing a return on it’s investment, we can evaluate the website and produce a report detailing it’s online visibility and recommending measures you can implement to improve it.

The ability to increase rankings with search engines so that you appear at the top of page 1 in search results pages (SERPs) is very dependent on the competition in your sector and on how well your competitors websites are optimised. Therefore, if your competitors are not well optimised, not long established and without inbound links, a relatively small amount of tweaking can get you ahead of these. On the other hand,?if your competitors have invested in SEO then it will require?greater effort to get ranked ahead of them.

Digital Marketing & SEO Report

If you give us your website, target market, direct competitors, we can deliver a Digital Marketing & SEO Report for your business which will detail the measures you can take to increase your ranking. The Report will guide you through the tasks, in order of priority, that will enhance your site to attract search engines, and will cover meta data for each page, inbound link suggestions and other online marketing?recommendations.

This will cost in the region of €95 (plus VAT).

Note, this will be a recommendation report only, to be implemented by yourself or your webmaster, or we can do it for you (see Website Optimisation.)

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