Our services include the following:

Website Evaluation

We can carry out a Website Evaluation to determine how your website is performing with the search engines and why it’s performing this way. On foot of this we will produce a Digital Marketing & SEO Report advising you on what to do to increase traffic and your online visibility.

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Website Optimisation

If you have received an evalution report but do not have the resources to implement it, then we can do this for you. Many small businesses are busy day-to-day focusing on their core business and customers and website requirements can be pushed down the priority list. If this sounds familiar then let us concentrate on promoting your website for you.

Alternatively, if you are just starting to set up your website we can advise you on how to optimise it. This can be done by yourself, your webmaster, or we can do it for you.

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Digital Marketing Consultancy

We offer advice on the latest approaches to growing a business online. The Marketing and SEO approach should be a clear requirement at the beginning of any web development project. Web developers often do not focus on this area as it is not their core specialty. It is ours.

Brochure Websites and SEO

We offer a package for clients who are new to the web and Online Marketing (or needing a site refresh or revamp). This is a good starter option. Many young businesses require a low-cost site to start working with until the business has grown and a customised, high-spec, site can be created.

Note that the longer a domain name has been registered and a website hosted, the greater the attention the search engines will give it. So, even if your project is still in it’s infancy, or you cannot afford to have your custom-designed website created yet, it is very beneficial to begin having a presence online.

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