SEO Tips and Tricks

The major search engines of interest in the Irish market are Google, Yahoo and Bing, with the most important by far being Google. In general, the SEO activities carried?out to optimise for one will be relevant and appropriate for the others.

Search Engine Market Share in Europe [StatCounter Feb 2011]

In fact, Bing now powers the search in Yahoo, so Bing is more of a focus.

Some SEO tips include:

  • write appropriate meta tags
  • have indexable content with the relevant keywords
  • create and submit XML sitemaps to search engines
  • do keyword research to see what terms to focus on
  • have a technically standards-compliant site
  • implement a website with search engine-friendly URLs
  • fix broken links
  • use relevant landing pages
  • pay attention to local search if your audience is local
  • gain links from other relevant, quality sites
  • use keyword-enriched anchor text in the links you build
  • use analytics to gain actionable insights and see which keywords are converting
  • avoid duplicate content
  • ensure appropriate re-directs are in place
  • use canonical URLs
  • keep fresh content on the site
  • facilitate sharing of your content

and last but not least,

  • have a user friendly site

there’s no point increasing traffic from search if the ‘human’ visitors arrive and they don’t like what they see.

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