Email Marketing Tips

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

1. Keep it personal

Address the recipient by name in the body of the email, and give the sender’s name in the sending email address ie. from This can be done automatically.Perhaps the message can be tailored to a specific audience depending on how good the segmentation of your list is.

2. Grab them with a snappy’ Subject’ line

Use a Subject line that is brief, catchy and to the point. If they don’t like this, they probably won’t go any further.

3. Content is critical

Give them something to do. An email without a clear ‘call to action‘ may be a lost opportunity. Keep the calls to action above the fold (in the top half of newsletter, visible without scrolling). Cut down the amount of content – less is more. People scan emails and want to be able to pick up on the key points quickly – keywords can be put in bold.? Remember you’ve got about 3 seconds with them! Help them out here by using short sentences and bullet points. ‘Teaser’ lines can effectively engage recipients if they’re relevant.? Use clear links to bring them to more relevant content on your website or backpage.

4. Images and HTML

The default for many email clients, MS Outlook or Gmail for example, is to not display images. The user has to click to download the images to see what the email looks like. What if they don’t do this  They’ll have no idea what your message is. So try to have enough text displaying that the recipient ‘gets’ your message, without images. Keep text out of images (it can be? formatted in Html). Add Alt tags to your images.

5. Style and formatting

Clarity is key, busy-ness is bad. Keep the style consistent and don’t go overboard with fonts. Ensure your branding is prominent.

6. Frequency and timing

Pick a time you think your recipients will be receptive to your message (5pm on a Fri probably won’t be good).

The think about an optimal frequency. Pushing too many messages will alienate people. Better still, let them choose how often they want to hear from you. Do surveys to get feedback or ask on your blog if you have one.

7. Check in different Email Clients

View your email in all the email clients that you’re recipients are likely to? use. The most popular ones might be MS Outlook and Gmail, but also look at Lotus and web-based clients like Hotmail, Eircom, Yahoo, Mozilla’s Thunderbird etc.

8. Build confidence with recipients

Privacy is important to just about everyone. Showing the email addresses of those on your list by leaving them on a ‘CC‘ line is a big no-no. Most Email services will disallow this anyway.

Also, provide a link to the Privacy Policy on your website.

Give your Contact details – no-one wants to engage with an email engine!

Don’t send attachments, as recipients are wary of opening these in case they contain viruses.

9. Test

Test your success by sending different versions to different recipients. If you think you’re happy with what you’ve got, but aren’t sure,  perhaps use a control group to send the existing version to and send a new version to another group.  The compare open rates, click through rates (CTR) and conversion rates. Then test again. Use the analytics available to gain insights about what’s working and what isn’t.

10. Unsubscribe

Let them go if they want! You can’t force them to stay, so make it straightforward to unsubscribe. It’s professional.

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