Email Marketing

Email Marketing offers a cost-effective way to promote your business, or enterprise. The key thing to remember about Email Marketing is:


The level of return on the investment you make in email will be determined by how successful you are at getting your messages to the right people.

  • An email recipient who has opted in for the email is much more likely to engage with it. It is also industry best practice.
  • Relevant content brings success. Segment your list and address their needs and wants.


You can have a Newsletter or Ezine created quickly and easily from templates, brand it with your own logo and drop in your own content. Then with an email list, you can schedule the delivery of your newsletters to coincide with the time you feel is best time for your customers or prospects attention.

The emails can be personalised, so that the customer/prospect is addressed in the content of the newsletter by name. This is a powerful feature that allows for an immediate connection between you and your Newsletter recipients.

Give us the content, logo and images, and the email list, and we can arrange it for you, or advise you on a company to use.

Blog Subscriptions

If you have a Blog, an email subscription facility can be easily set up using a service like FeedBurner to allow customers and prospects receive your blog posts by email. This service is free and is easy to establish on your site.

Email Tracking

Email Marketing technology now allows you to gather statistics about:

  • how many people open the email (and therefore probably read it)
  • how many people click on the links in the Newsletter
  • track the links using your own domain name

You also have the opportunity to do A-B split-testing by sending one Newsletter version to half of your email list and a second Newsletter version to the other half. Then you sit back and see which Newsletter content, or promotions, are getting the most response. You can also see which Sign-up forms are proving to be most?popular.

Opt-in Lists

Only send email to those who have agreed to receive email from you ie. to those who have subscribed, and always offer them the option to unsubscribe. The unsubscribe option should be a quick 1 or 2 click process. Your opt-in list must be kept up to date.

Data Protection

The services we use to send Newsletters are Irish-based, holding all your data on secure Irish-based servers, so that your data never leaves the country. The protection of customer data is a requirement and your customers want to be confident that their data is private and secure.

Email Tips

Check out our helpful Email Marketing Tips Guide.


If you would like to learn more about what email marketing could offer you, drop us a mail with an overview of your business, or call us directly.

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