Business Blogging

A Business Blog is a powerful way to develop relationships with existing and new customers, and to attract search engines.

Marketing Advantages

SEO Benefits

The SEO benefits of a Blog are significant as the regularly updated content attracts bots like bees to a honeypot. Google bases the regularity of it’s visits to your site on how often it expects you to have fresh content. If each time it crawls your site and finds new content, will result in it visiting more frequently. The more pages Google has indexed for you adds to your site’s authority and allows your content to be found on search results pages (SERPs), which after all is the objective of SEO – you want to be found.

How do I set up Business Blog?

Creating a Business Blog

From a technical point of view, a blog can be set up quite easily and quickly using WordPress, an open-source blogging software (which can also be used to build full-function websites). To get the SEO benefits of a business blog, you need to have it hosted on your own website – it is the traffic to your own site that will increase your page rank.

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