Digital Marketing

Grow your business online with an effective Digital Marketing plan.

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing concerns the methods employed to promote a business or brand in the online world, using a variety of digital tools. As a discipline, you may also see it referred to as Web Marketing, Internet Marketing or even?eMarketing!

Whatever naming convention flag it flies, it is a significant, and evolving means of marketing your business.

The internet is now the method of choice for people to find products, services, and information. Where once upon a time a potential customer went to the Golden Pages, now the same customer is much more likely to search online, or take up an online referral. The web now offers businesses a whole new arsenal of tools to choose from in building an online marketing strategy.

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These tools include:


Search Engine Optimisation refers to how your site can be optimised to perform better in search engines results pages. These search results are essentially a form of free advertising, and this kind of search is known as ‘organic‘ search. There are a number of factors involved in optimising a web site for search engines, but they fall into one of two categories: on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation. SEO is generally regarded as a must for anyone operating online who wants to be found. Read more on SEO.

Online Advertising

Google Adwordsadvertising on Google search results pages pages can bring your business directly to the attention of viewers searching on your chosen keywords ie. people who are actively searching for you. Therefore, it is a highly targeted form of advertising, unlike Radio or Newspaper advertising for example which cannot target particular viewers.  This kind of advertising is call Pay-Per-Click (PPC), as you pay each time a viewer clicks on your ad. The term Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also used. Read more on PPC.

Facebook Advertising – advertising on Facebook also offers a granular, targeted audience and Facebook has an enormous and growing audience. However, those viewers who see your ads have not actively sought you out in the same way as PPC. Read more about online advertising with Facebook.

Social Networking

Social media are growing enormously in usage and importance for marketing?- use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, IGOpeople to raise your online profile and get your message out there. The web is becoming more interlinked as content is syndicated and shared across different social media platforms. Leverage hese to promote your brand and bring custom ers to your website.  Read more to see if Social Media are suitable and useful for you.

Business Blogging

Write a Business Blog to improve your business profile by showing you’re an industry leader. Blogging has increased in popularity and there are more people blogging than ever before, both in the personal and business domains. One of the big advantages to a business blog is the SEO benefit, the constant updates from blog posts can increase search engine indexing and Google PageRank. Read more on Blogging for Business.

Email Marketing

Have your customers and prospects subscribe to your Newsletter by Email and regularly update clients or customers, and prospects. Compile a list of email addresses of existing customers and contacts, and potential prospects, who have agreed to receive your updates (opt-in list) and engage with them directly. This is very easy to put in place and statistics can be gathered on who’s reading the emails and success rates established. Read more on Newsletter Email Subscription.


One of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy is the ability to quantify results and measure ROI. How do you know that the time and money?spent on a marketing campaign is making a return on that investment  Google Analytics provides the solution. This is a comprehensive set of tools and reports provided by Google (free) which gives granular information about the visitors to your site. Read more on Google Analytics.

Affiliate Marketing

Use relationships to leverage more customers. This aspect of marketing is more appropriate for larger businesses who already have an established brand.

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