We provide Digital Marketing and SEO consultancy services to SME businesses and start-ups.

Our approach to online marketing is collaborative, a web presence and marketing strategy must be considered, and planned, before it can be implemented successfully. Growing your business online, at it’s broadest, requires two things:

  1. knowing who your customer is
  2. knowing how to reach them

The first part you?provide, and the second part is where we come in.

Your input is critical in defining goals and requirements and your business experience and knowledge of your target customer is central. Then, our knowledge of current digital marketing approaches and search engine behaviour and search engine optimisation (SEO), will be drawn on in creating a project plan that can deliver real, and quantifiable, results.

Our services are focused on two main groups:

  • Those who are new to the online world and do not have large budgets.
  • Clients who already have a web presence, but realise that it is not effective and is not attracting search traffic.

New to online?

You can have a brochure web site created, and access to internet marketing advice at very little cost. Take a look at our Brochure Website Starter solution.

Is your website working for you?

Ask yourself the following questions and depending on the answers, you may want to have a Website Evaluation carried out to see where your site is failing in Online Marketing and SEO terms.

1.? Was your site created without regard to SEO?

Search engine optimisation, SEO, is key to having your site listed in search engine results pages (SERPs). Google is by far the most important one in the Irish market, but also Yahoo and Bing.

2.  Is the content a little ‘tired’?

Content is key to the usefulness of a web site. It must be current, relevant, well-written, engaging, and effectively communicate your message. It must describe your business. Fresh content is also critical for SEO.

3.  Was your site designed with regard to the goals of the site?

Each website has different things that it’s trying to achieve. Some are trying to draw customers to buy their goods, some are trying to attract customers for services which are not sold online. Some are merely communicating information about their business, perhaps to existing customers, or customers they find through other channels, without trying to find customers online. A good online marketing strategy allows customers to find you, know you, and get a good gut feeling about using your products or services.

4.  Can your customers interact with you?

To engage viewers, and give a higher chance of return visits, there must be ‘calls to action’. This might be a Newsletter to sign up for, a blog to read, a poll to participate in, opportunities to connect with you on Social Media, a White Paper to download, or videos to watch. A Web 2.0 site will allow users to interact with one another, or to change web content. A business blog will be suitable for some sites, and this will allow for such interaction?as viewers can comment on items that have been posted. Business Blogs are also great for SEO.

5. Can you track visitors and analyse traffic on your site?

Web Analytics offers quantifiable traffic measurements which can be tailored to page level so you can see exactly how many people looked at particular pages. You can see which pages, or products, are popular and which are not, prompting modifications. You can see how customers are arriving on your site and which referrals are sending most traffic.

6.  Is your site slow to load or awkward for viewers to access?

If the load time for a site is too long, you will lose visitors. Load time is now a factor in Google’s rankings. If the site is not easily navigated, and it’s not easy for the visitor to find what they’re looking for, your visitor will click right out of there. And they are unlikely to return. Marketing is about anticipating what people want and making it easy for them to get it. That’s true for a product, a service, or simply information.

7.  Is the technology out-dated?

This can mean that search engines cannot access the content correctly, your site will not be indexed (or not all of it), and will not be returned in search results for your business area.

8.  Is the look ‘adequate’, but not particularly eye-catching or attractive?

Your website is your calling card and the design must have a contemporary feel in order to reflect your business successfully.

Here at hal9000 our core business is in determining the best way to market your website online. Read more on our Digital Marketing & SEO Services .

What’s trending? Have a look at our Digital Marketing & SEO Blog to see what’s happening in the online marketing world. It contains useful facts as to how the internet is evolving and illustrations on how it can be used to enhance your business’ profile and consequently grow it online –  often at little or no cost.


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